How Teltrac leverages Site App Pro for peace of mind Health & safety compliance

Digital Infrastructure

Key Outcomes

  • Eliminated the need for safety paperwork, leading to a more efficient and standardised process.
  • Improved the efficiency and accuracy of their safety reporting, ensuring up-to-date and readily available safety data.
  • A robust culture of safety and compliance was embedded across the organisation, aligning the entire team with the company’s safety objectives and enhancing overall workplace safety.

All of our technicians now use Site App Pro, which means we have much better task analysis coverage logged per job
Challenge 1

Streamlining Site Safety and Compliance Documentation

For Teltrac Communications Limited, a leader in technology integration and automation, managing site health and safety processes efficiently was a vital requirement. With over 100 employees and contractors scattered across New Zealand, they faced the challenge of maintaining consistent safety standards and documentation processes.

This is where Site App Pro came into play, offering a user-friendly and cloud-based solution that transformed their approach to safety. The implementation of Site App Pro enabled Teltrac to streamline site safety and compliance documentation, ensuring a standardised and efficient process across all operations. The cumbersome paperwork was replaced with a digital solution, turning hours of work into seconds and significantly enhancing overall compliance.

Challenge 2

Efficient and Accurate Safety Reporting

Prior to Site App Pro, reporting on health and safety matters was a time-consuming task for Teltrac, detracting valuable resources from other critical operational areas. The need for a more efficient and accurate reporting solution was clear.

Site App Pro’s robust reporting capabilities provided an immediate solution, offering a streamlined and user-friendly platform for all health and safety administration needs. With the ability to generate swift and accurate safety reports, Teltrac experienced a tangible improvement in reporting efficiency, ensuring that safety data was always up-to-date and readily available.

Challenge 3

Fostering a Culture of Safety and Compliance

Maintaining a consistent standard of health and safety practices across a diverse range of worksites was a major concern for Teltrac. They needed a solution that not only ensured compliance but also helped in fostering a culture of safety.

Site App Pro rose to the occasion, providing the necessary tools and resources for comprehensive health and safety management for every job site. Our platform ensured that task analyses were conducted daily, and safety protocols were rigorously followed, embedding a culture of safety within the organisation.

With our easy-to-use Mobile App and access to health and safety data, employees at Teltrac were empowered, enhancing compliance, and aligning the entire team with the company’s safety objectives.

“Site App Pro is very user friendly in the field, especially when it comes to getting SSSPs or filling out TAs. Site Safety processes are now a breeze.”

Through the adoption of Site App Pro, Teltrac Communications Limited has successfully navigated the challenges of site safety and compliance, ensuring a safer and more productive work environment for all.